Smoke Alarms Perth

Smoke alarms can be battery or mains powered and are now compulsory in homes that are being sold or being rented out. If you are selling then you must have mains powered smoke alarms fitted prior to financial settlement. Its the same with a leased property, the smoke alarm must be fitted tested and fully working prior to tenant occupying the property. Regulations for smoke alarms are comprehensive and as its a safety device we offer pricing packages for combinations of smoke alarms and RCD switches.
John Kildahl Electrics installs all mains powered smoke alarms.

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Smoke Alarm regulations

In the Australian Building Code there are regulations requiring mains powered smoke alarms to be installed in Perth properties for sale or for rent.
As a property owner in Perth you must ensure that all your smoke alarms work, they are powered by the mains and they are no more than 10 years old. It is of paramount importance that you comply as it could well be in the small print of your insurance policy - check it out!
smoke alarm installation Perth