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Do you get one of your RCD safety switches repeatedly tripping? If you do then its a sign that something is wrong, there’s a fault or your system is being overloaded, so you need an electrician Perth asap.. Its tripping because its doing its job in protecting you and your home. Don’t let thge problem persist and get it checked out.
Its the same thing if any of your lights are flickering or maybe some of the globes don’t last very long before they need to be replaced.
And what about that brown colour that appeared on the outlet. Could be that its overheating and leaving it could lead to a fire. These problems can be covered by having rcd safety switches in your fuse box. If there is an issue with the electric wiring then a safety switch will isolate the problem so you won’t be in any danger. A really old fuse box will need to be replaced with a new RCD panel that holds banks of the miniature circuit breaker switches that keep you and your family safe, like the one shown below in the picture. The various circuits in your home are served by different RCD switches according to the load of the appliances they are connected to. For example a lighting circuit does not take much load from the circuit so a lower amperage RCD switch can be used. On the other hand a stove can be rated at 30 amps so the appropriate RCD will need to be installed, usually on a separate circuit dedicated to the stove. In the process we will check over your wiring to make sure all is good for the future.

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What is an RCD safety switch and how does it work?

This type of safety switch simply checks the electric current flowing in and out, and if there’s a difference it switches off the electrical supply. The great thing is that it does it really fast, in milliseconds so if you are unfortunate enough to get connected between the electric supply and the earth this device will trip out and potentially save your life.

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