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Our extensive experience as electricians in Perth means that we know electricity is dangerous.
Even a small mistake can be dangerous
So many house fires are caused by electricity, whether it be faulty appliances, old wiring or just bad workmanship by an electrical contractor, and keep your smoke alarms up to date also. So to be really safe get safety switches installed by a certified electrical contractor like John Kildahl Electrics
As an experienced electrical contractor in Perth I don’t let anything go to chance, its just not worth it, why would you? Some do and have to live with the consequences.
One of the skills of an electrical contractor is to fault find and fix problems, to do that you need a qualified electrician with the skills, experience and the necessary test equipment to find out the cause of the fault. Even slightly damaged electrical outlets can be dangerous so don’t try to fix it yourself as they will need to be replaced with a new one by a qualified electrical contractor.
Don’t stack up multiple appliances on to a multi outlet or an extension cable. Extension cables should only be used as a temporary thing and never permanent. If you need more outlets, get a few extra ones installed, you’ll be a lot safer in the long run. If you need more lighting, get some LED lights installed as they cost very little to run.

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All electricians and electrical contractors must be certified to work in WA.
These qualifications mean that they have gone through the appropriate education and are fully qualified to work on your home.